Monday, 22 August 2011

Amur Tiger Nina turns 16!

It's a big day Saturday - Nina is 16!

We have a very special day at the Park this week, on Saturday 27th August South Lakes Wild Animal Park will be celebrating Nina's, our Amur Tiger, sixteenth birthday! Nina was born at Marwell Zoological Park on 27th August 1995 and was brought to the Park in December of 1996 which really was the "Year of the Tiger" for the Park because in April we saw our first Tiger Toba, a Sumatran Tiger take up residence.

Nina spent her years at the park sharing an enclosure with her brother Egor, their genes were well represented through the breeding programme so they were here not for breeding but as Ambassadors for their species to raise awareness of the problems facing wild tigers.

Nina alone has done a great job raising more than 1 million pounds for Tiger Conservation - every penny of which has been used to protect her wild cousins.

The Amur Tiger in Russia faces a number of threats including disappearing forests, loss of prey (food) and poaching.

While she has been here Nina has well and truly become the Cat of the Park and has had visitor after visitor become enchanted with her. She has many ways to wow the crowds at South Lakes however one of the highlights of the day when she takes delight at making visitors realise just how big she is -  when she goes on her hind legs and places her paws up on the viewing windows. This puts her at face to face height with visitors and allows them, if they are brave enough, to really appreciate the Tiger - taking a good look at all details of her facial features and even just being in eye contact with her is a must!  And just how big those teeth, paws and mouth really are.

On Saturday 27th August Nina will be able to be viewed at her enclosure and at 2:30pm its tiger feeding and talk time with the keepers.

For more information and facts on the Amur Tiger please click HERE.


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