Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Help stop the travelling circus in Indonesia!

Dear Animal Friends and Colleagues abroad,

Hereby we wish to ask your attention and support for the following:
Indonesia has a travel shows using (baby)sunbears, small clawed
otters, yellow crested cockatoos and bottle nose dolphins. The circus
travels from town to town and performs in each town one month.  The
conditions are very poor. We have been campaigning against this circus
for almost two years now and unfortunately the circus has a legal status due to
a minister regulation allowing travelling shows with protected animals
for educational purposes. Thats why our campaign so far has not been
very succesfull and the threats against us continue (from the circus
to our organization).

Support through polite letters are much appreciated to ask for a
closure of this horrific circus.
More details are explained in the letter and please feel free to
contact me for any questions.

The Indonesian government is sensitive for outside pressure so we
think a letter from your organization to the Indonesian ambassador in
your country or maybe, if you can make the time,  organizing a meeting
with the ambassador will
be very effective.

If you are willing to ask for a meeting with the ambassador I will
send all additional information needed.
JAAN has a formal agreement (MOU) with the government, signed in
october 2010 to rescue and relocate the dolphins. This would include
rescue of the other animal; the baby bears,otters, the lonely
orangutan and the other animals.

This agreement was made after we proved the illegal status of the
dolphins and other animals in the circus. But, seven months after the
agreement has been undersigned, the dolphins are still used in the
show of WSI and no action has been taken by the Indonesian Government.

It would be fantastic if you can send this letter or your own version
to the Ambassador of Indonesia in your country.
Thank you very much for your support.

Femke den Haas

Jakarta Animal Aid Network

PLEASE HELP - write or email your letters to:
Indonesian Embassy
38 Grosvenor Square
London W1K 2HW
or email: kbri@btconnect.com

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