Monday, 13 February 2012

Penguins take an early lead

Penguins "swimming for victory"
Penguins have taken an early lead in this year's Park Mascot Elections.  

Voting started on Saturday 11th Feb with every child through the door given a voting slip - and in true democratic fashion it up to you to come along and listen to the candidate’s elections speeches before casting your vote as to who you think deserves to be “2012 Animal in Chief”.

The candidates (with the help from keepers) have been working hard on their campaigns looking for your vote, budgets are slightly less than council elections but never the less a serious issue - and lying is not an option!   

The candidates & their election slogans are:
Rhinos:                         “Charging to the top!”
Giraffes:                       “Head and Shoulders above the rest!”
Jaguars:                       “Grace & pace to win the race!”
Capuchins:                    “Stealing your votes!”
Penguins:                     “Swimming for victory!”

Jaguars the 2011 champions are hoping to retain the title but it’s all up to you - come along listen to why you should vote for the candidates then place your vote at Election HQ for your park mascot for the year!

Indiana the baby rhino born 17th November will be out and about (weather permitting outside) and there is lots to do including Hand feeding Giraffes, Hand feeding penguins, jaguar and tiger feeding not to mention the skating rink and mini train open every day.    Entrance for children is free through until 30th March adults are £13.50 and OAP's £9.00.

Daily Conservation Talks & Feeding:  
11.45am                        Why Vote Giraffe & Giraffe Hand feeding
12.30pm                       Why vote Capuchins
1.45pm                         Why vote Rhinos 
2.30pm                         Why vote Jaguars talk & feeding (also Tiger talk &feeding)
3.00pm                         Why vote Penguins talk & hand feeding
3.20pm                         Lion feeding
3.45pm                         Hand feed giraffes
4.00pm                         Join us in Election HQ and help count the day’s votes and crown the leader.

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