Tuesday, 27 March 2012


From Saturday 31st March 2012 our full talk and feeding times will be in full swing and this year will see a new schedule arrive in time for Easter.

For everyone visiting the Park from Saturday onwards will be able to follow this new schedule around the park getting up close to Rhinos, Tigers, Bears, Primates, Vultures -  hand feeding penguins, Giraffes, Kangaroos and back for summer, the Lemurs... for the ultimate interactive animal experience.

For those that visit the park regularly will know that our Tiger & Jaguar feeding is a spectacle not to be missing as they climb up 6 metre poles to hunt for their food and will focus their day around that feeding, please make note below that this feeding has been moved to a later time.

TALK & FEEDING TIMES from 31st March
11:15   Hand feed Giraffes
11:45   Lion talk & feeding, watch the pride hunt for their lunch
12:15   Reptile talk & meet a Snake
12:45   The Birds of the Aviary - Vultures, Condors, Macaws talk & feeding
  1:15   Lemurs of Madagascar talk & hand feeding
  1:45   South American animals - Andean Bears, Giant Otters talk & feeding
  2:15   Rhino & Giraffe talk fallowed by hand feed Giraffes
  3:00   Primates of the park talk & feeding
  3:15   Penguin talk & hand feeding
  3:45   Big Cat feeding - not to be missed Tigers & Jaguars hunt for their lunch

Talks are free if you want to join in hand feeding there is a cost of £1 per person.

ADMISSIONS from 31st March
Adults -    £13.50
Children - £8.00
Seniors -   £9.00
Under 3's go FREE

10am - 5pm everyday.

Please note we do have group rates available, please contact us on 01229 466086 ext.0 if you are bringing a larger herd to see ours. Booking must be made in advance.

For more information on the park please visit www.wildanimalpark.co.uk where you will find all the information you need from up and coming events to local bed and breakfasts.

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