Friday, 1 July 2011

Maki Restaurant - new family and budget friendly menu
Maki -meaning Ring tailed lemur in Malagasy
Feed a family of 4 for £15
2011 sees the launch of a new family and budget friendly menu slashing prices and the introduction of fresh healthier options. Fresh salads, freshly made baguettes, chilli, are just some of the new additions. Kids can choose from a variety of tasty and healthier options now priced at £2.50 with adult meal deals from £4.99. 

We were all told yesterday[i] its official (like we didn’t already know it) households have suffered the biggest fall in spending power for 34 years, meaning we don’t have as much spare money and are all watching the pennies – and that’s set, according to the Bank of England, to continue for some time. 
We here at South Lakes like to do our bit for families, knowing entrance tickets, ice creams, dinner, a souvenir from the gift shop – all adds up. Parents can now “Feed a family of 4 for £15” as they say “Every little helps families” .

At South Lakes Wild Animal Park there is so many fun things to do so when its time to take a break from exploring, drop into the Maki Restaurant for a quick and delicious bite to eat. Savor the selection of freshly made sandwiches, tasty rolls and assorted muffins, pastries and mouth watering cakes. Scrumptious hot meals will satisfy the beastly hunger in adults and children alike. 
The new menu has seen David Gill put a ban on tuna from his restaurant and this was all down to an inspirational pep talk from his nine-year-old son, Hari, who raised money for the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. The Park used to go through two tonnes of the fish a year.
“Now, instead of having tuna on a jacket potato, for instance, we’re using chilli. We feed nearly quarter of a million people a year and it’s unbelievable the volume of tuna we were getting through. We want people to realise that when they buy a tin of tuna, they’re potentially killing a dolphin.” ... Full Story here.

Not only has the Maki Restaurant seen a new menu it has also been extended with extra indoor space and an extended "treetops" style decking where you can watch Rhinos, Giraffes, baboons at leisure.

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