Monday, 25 July 2011

Our Female Lion sisters turn 5!

You'll hear the roar of celebrations down in the Lion den this week.

Lion Keepers Mark & Gavin will be preparing a very special birthday cake as twin sisters, lionesses,  Tasa and Chevelle turn 5.  Come and join us and wish them happy birthday.

On 24th May 2009 two young Lionesses, twin sisters Tasa & Chevelle arrived at South Lakes Wild Animal Park. Born either side of midnight 25th July these sisters will be celebrating their birthdays at the park this week, Tasa on 25th July and Chevelle 26th July.

Lion feeding and talk takes place every day at 4:20pm as the lions use all their strength as they climb 5m poles to hunt for their dinner.

Park Director David Gill and Keeper Gavin Clunie made the journey to  Zoo Sables D'Olone in France to bring back the pair.  It is hoped they will join a breeding program with our Lion Shikar. 

African Lion Facts
  • A male Lions roar can be heard up to 5 miles away
  • Lions can run at up to 60km/hour - that is the length of a football field in 6 seconds, but only for short distances
  • Lions are the only cat who live in groups - called "prides".
For more information and facts on our Lions please click HERE

You can view a video of our Keeper preparing the feed and then see our Lions climb 6ft poles to hunt for their food on our Youtube page, take a look!

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