Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Two new male Red Kangaroos arrive!

On 5th July 2011 two new male Red Kangaroos joined our females in the Australian are of  South Lakes Wild Animal Park.

Jack Junior, JJ, pictured to the right and Reginald, Reggie pictured below.

Roo keeper Leanne and Keeper Gavin collected the Kangaroos from Holland to bring them back to the park to join our mob of Red Kangaroos who until their recent arrival were all females.

The two new males have settled in well joining our Red &Western Grey Kangaroos along with Parma, Riversand and Swamp Wallabies all enjoying the green glassland in our Bush area.

Everyday at the park there is a great opportunity to get up close and personal by being able to hand feed these animals for just £1.00, you can buy the bags of animal food at our Cafe entrance window.

To view more videos, including one of our Kangaroos getting hand fed please visit our YouTube page.

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