Tuesday, 19 July 2011


We are mid way through peacock mating season here at South Lakes Wild Animal Park and peacocks are certainly “shaking their tail feathers”, famous for their elaborate displays they are showing some beautiful displays of plumage. 

Like most birds it is the boys that are more colourful and between April and September peahens (girls) will “window shop” for a new suitor.  To grab the girl’s attention males will display their feathers step around and shake.  This complex dance is certainly one of the wonders of the animal kingdom.
But it won’t last long, towards the end of summer the feathers will gradually all fall out and will regrow longer and fuller next year.  

At about 6 years old a peacock’s tail can be more than 1.5 metres long making him one of the largest flying birds.  According to Charles Darwin, the more eyes and the brighter the feather, the more girls a male can attracts!

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